Recipes, runs, rain and tsunamis. One of these things is not like the other.

Yesterday was a great day. Some of my favorite things happened. I woke up early to a rain storm and researched recipes to make for my roommate’s last-night-because she’s-going-to-get-married meal. I went all out with Coq au vin. (This is not a food blog so I can tell you the not so impressive part was me googling “how to cut a chicken into pieces”).

Then I went running in the rain with my Super Runner friend Kelly. We had a nice chat. Or she chatted while I gasped for air. I plan to run a half marathon in May. And I am not afraid.

I shopped for fun food, chatted to my friend in the Galapagos, did some research for my epidemiology project, got a report from Dad that Mom was feeling good, and cooked dinner for three of my favorite people all while it poured rain. Like I said, such a great day.

Rain, recipes, running, research, reports. You know what doesn’t start with the letter “R”? Tsunami.

So I forgot to put tsunami on my debut blog list of fears. But, since God and I are in the business of curing fears these days, we had a long talk last night over the wail of the sirens from about 10Pm to 3am.  Since I was 13, motorcycles that even sound like the start of the tsunami alert have made me jump out of my skin. Last year’s semi-tsunami helped. This year’s decent tsunami has really helped. I am praying for Japan, rejoicing for Hawaii, and walking in a little more freedom from fear.




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