No sword or shield dropping allowed.

I am around the right kind of people for learning courage.

My opportunities for fears this week on a scale of Agatha Christie mystery novel to multiple natural disasters, register mid-range but I’ve still felt the need for some courage. The great thing is, each moment I’ve been tempted to let fear creep in over the past 72 hours, I’ve had a different friend at my elbow reminding me of the community I am blessed to be growing with.

Yesterday was a succession of great times with great people: coffee, lunch, shopping, long-distance calls. Since I turned in my Epidemiology project at midnight on Thursday after six days of thrilling research action (drop me a line if there’s anything you need to know about the HIV epidemic in adolescents), I was pretending not to have 17 other assignments.

The day culminated in a celebration of leaders from my Bluewater Mission community. There were many stories of faith, failures, and colossally awkward interactions. Because that’s what happens when a bunch of people decide that being afraid is not an option. They do things like go to far away countries for the sake of Jesus or take van loads of teenagers from the projects on island adventures or pray for miracles without shame.

I thought the day couldn’t get much better so I went to bed happy. But not for long because when you have friends who want to sit under a full moon on a beach in paradise for three hours on a Friday night, its hard to say no. So today I am grateful for the people fighting on my right and left that are holding their ground, no sword or shield dropping allowed.


3 thoughts on “No sword or shield dropping allowed.

  1. katie johnson says:

    i love your writing erin:) keep going! dinner this week? when do you leave for spring break?

  2. katie johnson says:

    erin, i love your writing! keep on going! dinner this week?

  3. katie johnson says:

    oops…i don’t understand how to leave only one comment apparently:)

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