Present Therapy

Yesterday I got down to running business. With the help of another Super Runner friend (I have so many), I ran 6 miles. This is not the brave part. I ran at night until 9:15. Still not the brave part. I ran downtown. BRAVE part! My friend assured me that if scary men tried anything, we could outrun them. This might work for a Super Runner, but when I am on mile 4, I’m barely outrunning the sidewalk. I would just have to hope that sympathetic nervous system I hear about in school chooses the flight option.

Today I needed to keep myself busy. I know when it’s necessary, trust me. My apartment is sparkly, my basil plant is settled in a new pot, my banana bread was banana-y, and my Bluewater Small Group had another Monday night of sweet time with Jesus. God is doing wonderful things in the lives of my friends and I am absolutely stoked to be in on the adventure with so many of them.

I also started the planning procedures for ex-roommate’s belated wedding reception. Not sure if you know this, but planning parties and giving presents are two of my favorite things EVER. I know it’s wrong, but I do it mostly for selfish reasons. I just love it. Everything about it. Here’s my perfect present-giving scenario: I’m preoccupied with a problem. I can’t focus on tasks I should be doing. I feel broke and slightly sorry for myself. Wait! I remember something that (fill-in-the-blank) wanted! And I can make that/buy that/get that right now! And he/she will be SO happy. Now, I am generous and not broke and certainly not thinking about my problem and all of the sudden very task-oriented!

And planning a party? That’s like two weeks of on-going present making! Two weeks during which something that makes ME so fulfilled and so satisfied is also all being done for the sake of someone else. I mean, there has to be a catch. I should feel bad somehow. But I don’t. So, should you be the object of my gift-giving, watch out. I might be using you for therapy.


2 thoughts on “Present Therapy

  1. adamburke808 says:

    Keep the posts coming. Awesome to follow along…

  2. Megan Barley says:

    I’ve recently been introduced to a whole new level of this. I know a lady who goes to Macy’s regularly, buys anything that’s cute or on sale and adds it to her “present closet.” She has a stockpile of presents on hand for those unexpected occasion! The best part? Every time she goes to Macy’s, she brings one of the presents with her to return and get a better one. So she’s always shopping for someone else and she’s never spending money. Brilliant!

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