Erin’s Tactical Guide to Being Awesome

I am home in Kona for eleven days and am taking a few brave steps with Jesus while I am here. When I am home I remember things better. I feel like a bigger, stronger, awesome version of myself in Kona. Circumstances that make me feel small can’t reach me here. Words that make me feel weak, can’t be heard here. Stories I tell myself about being less-than-awesome, make no sense here. So, is the secret to being awesome to live in Kona? No, silly.

The secret to being awesome is to listen to the TRUTH. Go to wherever you need to go in order to drown out any voices (usually the really shouty one is my own) that tell you lies. If you are thinking that you have no lies, first, I envy you. Second, I bet you do. Here are some examples from my own laundry list.

Lie#1: Everyone thinks (fill in the blank) about me.
Truth: How is that even possible?
Lie#2: I’ve always been (fill in the blank with something pretty lame), it’s just who I am.
Truth: We haven’t always been anything…we change every day. Seriously. If I can become it, I can un-become it.
Lie#3: These problems are never going away, these cycles will never end.
Truth: This is the worst lie of them all! It’s the big scary monster of the lies because it snuffs out any motivation to change and grow. It tells you to stay under the covers. No way. We change! Problems stop. Cycles end. Stomp around and show that lie who is boss.
Lie#4: I suck.
Truth: No you don’t.

Find your own lies. Figure out that they are lies (that part is kind of hard). Tell yourself the opposite (even if you don’t believe it for a second). Repeat that last part a couple times until you vaguely start believing it. Pray. Start feeling a little more awesome every day.

This is going to be a very good week at home. I’m going to take some brave steps, kick some old lies, and get down to business because there is a lot of awesome work to be done and I don’t want to miss a second of it.


2 thoughts on “Erin’s Tactical Guide to Being Awesome

  1. kelli says:

    Dealing with Lie #3 right now! Timely word Erin Barley! =)

  2. adam says:

    Great thoughts, EB. I like your style. Keep the posts coming…

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