School’s Out!

As of April 5, I have begun twenty days of unadulterated free time. This is day 4 but I got a head start last weekend with some more alliteration: Retreat, reception, and redecoration!

The Bluewater small group leaders retreated for a whole 24 hours at Mokuleia on the breathtaking North Shore. Living in paradise never gets old. Never.

Though it was not very long, it was a much needed time away with some excellent practical teaching from our fearless leaders, Pastor Jordan and Mr. John Roberts.

I did have to take off in a hurry with my friends the Henrys in order to transform their Hawaii Kai condo conference room into a magical reception area. My small group proved that they have yet another talent…decorating! Those women (and men) can fluff tissue lanterns, cut flowers, and set up cocktail tables with the best of them. Yes, I rented cocktail tables which officially graduates me to the next level of event coordinating. Party planning is my favorite but I am done for at least a month. Look me up if you have a May event….

Roommate Erin and I have also managed to hit Target three times in a week so the apartment is looking a little cozier these days. Come on over to the Manoa Bluewater small group on Monday nights if you want to see. You will also be prayed over, encouraged, and befriended. It’s a package deal.


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