Freedom, beaches, nieces and (nephew).

I tried to come up with a clever blog title but that’s what I wanted it to say. The clever part is the parentheses because the nephew is still inside my sister (get it?).

A week in Kona turned into two weeks because I was having such a good time at home. I arrived late on Friday night and on Monday morning did a ministry time with two amazing women from Living Stones. I wasn’t so sure as to whether three hours of discussing lies, fears, and doubts would have any positive effect on me. If you know me, you know I am pretty into people and into talking. But I am NOT into counseling. The only thing that got me there was being assured that it was not counseling and that it would work. Somehow.

So, without getting into any uncomfortable details, I can joyfully tell you that it did work. Things that I never thought would change about me are changing. Statements about myself I never thought I would believe, I no longer roll my eyes and nod to get people to stop saying them. I really do believe them. Challenges I thought would be my “thorn in the side” until I was a grandma, seem surmountable. I feel freed, restored, renewed, loved, and yes…awesome.

The rest of the time in Kona was spent going to the beach….

Laughing at the crazy things my nieces did….

She cracks me up.

And playing with the greatest dogs in the world….

This one followed me everywhere for two weeks. Wouldn’t take his terrier eyes off of me. Dogs are also good for feeling awesome.


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