Seriously good

I’ve been putting off a blog post because there’s a lot going on and a lot of it is pretty serious. But then I realized: God is good and there is nothing more serious than that.

The day after I got back to Oahu, Mom needed to go back into the hospital. We are once again making hard choices and praying hard prayers. Specifically, we are praying to keep her pain levels down and generally we are still believing for FULL healing while walking in complete surrender. That’s the balancing act of my life. It is NOT giving up to give my mom to Jesus every morning I wake up and every night I can’t sleep. It is NOT denial to pray and believe that she will be healed in full. Mom’s a warrior and she’s fighting beautifully…in faith and trust but with that characteristic fiestiness. You know what I mean if you know Mama Gail.

Ok, I might have gotten some of the feist. Thank Jesus!

When life gets hard (or gets harder or just straight up stays hard), I am so grateful for my people.

Our Kona Living Stones community is continuing to love us, support us, and do amazing things. There were over 1,400 people at the Easter service! When I see that the church is prevailing against trials and attacks, I am lifted up in my faith. Each person saved, each hurt healed, each life restored is tangible evidence of a mighty and busy God and work well done by good and faithful servants.

The day after Easter, I jumped back into my nutso nursing program. My Honolulu Bluewater community, specifically my small group, is holding up my arms like champions. Everything from having dinner together, to last-minute prayer times, to airport rides, to late night jogs make things seem doable.

So, I am seriously tired and seriously praying…but God is seriously good.


5 thoughts on “Seriously good

  1. HannahRuthie says:

    Such encouraging words, and a truth that I’ve been being reminded of as well. I’ll be praying for your mama, and your family. Love to you, EB!

  2. Holding you up in prayer too.

  3. Adam says:

    Keep going, EB! You can do it.

  4. Adam says:

    Keep going, EB! Cheering you on.

  5. Lindsey says:

    “Miracles are God’s work, and he works them to bring glory to himself and to strengthen our faith. When we encounter serious needs in people’s lives today, it is right for us to seek God for an answer, and where miraculous intervention seems to be needed, then to ask God to work in that way.” – Wayne Grudem

    From the chapter I reading right before I heard the latest about Mama Gail. Walking the balance right with you. This post was beautiful, awesome, inspiring — kind of like my best friend (oh yes, that’s yourself). Love you!

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