Fit-pitchy but brave

Every once in a while I remember that I made a New Year’s resolution to be brave. This means to remember that I have a mighty God on my team and then act like it. Yesterday I did not act like it. I might have sat on the side of the road in the pouring rain and pitched a fit. If you drove, ran, or biked passed something embarrassing like that in Manoa Valley, don’t worry about it. It had an OK ending.

The chain of events went something like this: wake up, go to class, be mad at class, be sad in class, call friend, be mean to friend, leave class, be mean again, go on walk, sit down, pitch fit, rain.

The good news is that eventually I got up, remembered who was on my team (God and other key people), and tried to learn something. I learned (or re-learned, or re-re-learned) that it’s totally ok to sit down and be sad, mad, and even a little fit-pitchy. It’s not ok to be afraid and believe lies. Or be mean. So I would like to work on being brave even when I’m sitting down. Sometimes that’s real bravery right? When we take a load off but keep believing.

Roommate Erin (or Erin #2 or E. are also acceptable) and I went to see a late night showing of Soul Surfer last night. I know I am a little late on this but it was a pretty good show. The smattering of bad acting was balanced out by folks like Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt and of course you can’t beat the scenery. I was prepared for cheesy cliches but in fact, the Lord used it to remind me of strength and peace through scary times. And today I made it a point to get in the ocean and swim for a few minutes…listening to the Lord under the water and looking up at a sunny and hopeful sky.

So I can’t promise there won’t be more side-of-the-road fit-pitchy moments but I’m committed to faith and bravery in belief as I sit there. Hopefully not in the rain.


2 thoughts on “Fit-pitchy but brave

  1. katie johnson says:

    i have definitely been on the side of the road pitching a fit before…thanks for your honesty and sharing the lessons learned! i love reading your blog! especially when I am sitting in an airport in Colorado by myself at 1 AM:)

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