Caesar salad, Lanterns, and Theories

Tonight I hosted “family dinner”. A dinner that started with six or eight friends on Sunday nights last year. It has expanded to far more than six or eight. We took a break from our weekly gathering and during this time two people got married (to each other), one couple adopted a child, and someone started grad school. So it was time to have another dinner and catch up. Since it is officially summer I made chicken caesar salad and folks brought supplemental items. By that I mean wine and bread mostly. It was a great night.

One great thing about the evening was the opportunity to show off my lanterns. I got these amazing white metal lanterns with fake candles that flicker at a wedding last week. They were the centerpieces/favors. When I saw a dozen or more homeless lanterns I shamelessly took six. But look, wouldn’t you?They looked fantastic on the lanai and the Manoa winds didn’t even blow them over.

And finally, there was theorizing. My friend TJ asked me what my current theory is…after all, everyone has a current theory. On what? Well, that depends on what you’ve been thinking about. Mine was shallow and off the cuff  but I’m pretty sure there are some deeper thinkers out there. So feel free to let me know your theory. And I will tell TJ.

I have a great group of people to eat salad and theorize with. I am grateful for all of them tonight.


3 thoughts on “Caesar salad, Lanterns, and Theories

  1. nicole says:

    I just think it’s great you’re not too ashamed to admit you took 6 lanterns! ha!

  2. Audrey says:

    “We all have current theories.” Yes. And mine is eating raw dairy products. Oh, and asking God to clear my mind of my own ideas so I can hear His.

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