Pastor, Paper, and Pinot (in that order)

Today was a great day because I heard one of my best friends preach the Gospel. Todd Morikawa brings it. I don’t care what denomination you are, go to Kailua Baptist and hear that guy preach his guts out. For our good but ultimately for God’s glory. Hey, I have a home church (and it’s not Baptist) and I love my pastor. But there is something about hearing a friend that I’ve known for years raise the roof with his passion for Christ that makes me stupid happy. Pastor Todd and (my other college best friend) his wife Natalie are faithfully being awesome on the windward side and I can’t wait for them to come tell me stories next week over dinner.

Today was a great day because I finished my Pediatric care paper draft #1. That’s all I will say about that.

Today was a great day because I found cheap collard greens and ate them with a lovely Pinot Noir.

Today was a great day because Jesus has my future, my family, and my fears in his hands.


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2 thoughts on “Pastor, Paper, and Pinot (in that order)

  1. Todd says:

    We were so touched to have you visit us! Looking forward to sharing and hearing stories as well. Thanks for the shout out

  2. […] between our North Shore church and our Kailua church. I have written before about my college friend Todd who preaches up a storm at Kailua Baptist and his wife Natalie. There is something so down right […]

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