Mom went to be with Jesus two Fridays ago. She’s been in heaven for two weeks but I don’t think she’s counting the same way I am. We stood in faith for her healing for five years, not backing down until we had prayed for an hour over her body for resurrection. I don’t regret a moment of that. I wouldn’t trade those days of faith for a false feeling of “preparation”. My mom had an appointed day and time to die and her Father gathered her up in his big strong daddy arms and carried her away. There is nothing that could have prepared me for that day. She didn’t want to die but when she did, an hour after she took her last breath, she smiled the famous “Mom has a secret she is going to spill” smile and we all got to see it. I can’t wait to see the heaven and the God that made her smile like that.


At Mom’s Celebration at Living Stones, I stood with my sisters in front of our church family and honored the heritage our Mom gave us. She taught us how to worship. She taught us how to hear God’s voice. She taught us a million other things but those are the two that are carrying me through these days and the rest of my life. Today I stood in front of my Oahu church family and spoke about Mom’s vision and her mission. My parents moved to Hawaii to see the lost saved. There are hundreds of people who can point to my mom as the reason that they know Jesus today. This is the richest and truest legacy I could have possibly been left. Yes, I can’t wait to be in heaven. Jesus knows this because I keep telling him. But there are days to be filled here with important work. I am a part of a story that is still unfolding about a family who left their home, traveled far, and fought hard to see many come to faith. Mom is the first to finish her battle BUT a seed does not go into the ground to die. It goes into the ground to bear new life and to grow. I am determined to put my hand to the work she left and I know that new life will come.

Grief is a very weird thing and it’s happening but I’d rather not write about it at the moment.

God is good and my mom knows it now better than ever. She won’t be dancing at my wedding. But you know what? She and I will dance together at the marriage supper of the Lamb and THAT will be glorious. This life is going to fly by…let’s fill it well.

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16 thoughts on “Mom

  1. John Allison says:

    Yes. Let’s fill it well.

  2. Kelli Franz says:

    Wow! Your words have touched and challenged me at the same time! God is already using you to speak truth into those who need it (namely my stubborn and hard-headed self! ;))!!

  3. audwolf says:

    keep being brave friend

  4. Soo Mashburn says:

    Beautiful and quite perfect, Erin…

  5. Beautiful message you shared here with us. i love you Erin and im praying for your whole family. Grief is a very werid thing to grasp, but the joy and peace of knowing your loved one is not suffering fills you with great joy 🙂 I lot my birth mother in march and it was quite an experience to say the least. My siblings and i had an incredibly spiritual connection with her passing and got to be with her right b4 she passed. And was right there after. Hang in there sweetie i understand all to well. May god give us all comfort and strength !!! and may your mother live on in you 🙂

  6. Megan says:

    I’ve been praying for you all. I cannot imagine the pain that you all have, yet the joy to know she is with her first Love. How awesome, right? I wait in anticipation to hear how her seeds in you continue to grow. Love you, girl.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Our love and prayers and friendship are with you during this time of grieving Erin. Warm hugs, Cheryl and Mark

  8. Karisa says:

    you are wonderful. love you tons. and yes … let’s fill it well together.

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