Fireworks and Fruit

Ok, if heaven is better than earth, and I think we have it on good authority that it IS, then there will be some amazing version of fireworks there. They’ll fill up the sky and reflect in an ocean even bluer than the one I saw last night. Fireworks just have to be a taste of heaven – hundreds of people joining together to sit outside in a wonderful place to stare at the sky and enjoy exciting beauty, talking a bit but mostly absorbed in the moment. But that’s not all we will do because God knows we like to look forward to things and feel accomplished and have variety. He’s not going to change all that in a place that’s supposed to be BETTER than where we are now.

Today I am aware that grieving and having high thoughts of heaven do not preclude me from my sinfulness. I am feeling humbled today knowing that God loves me and is bringing me into new places and seasons but he hasn’t given me a hall pass to do whatever I want. I still have to rein in words, stop stupid actions, make wise choices.The fruits of the Spirit still apply in the weirdest season of my life.

So let’s get busy with some love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and, I always forget that last one…oh, yeah. Self control. The other ones just sound so pretty. Who doesn’t want to be lovely and joyful? All of those words can be found on greeting cards…”May your day be full of kindness”. Or in a compliment…”she is so peaceful and gentle.” You never hear “Sending  you thoughts of self-control”…”When I am around her, I get such a sense of self-control”. Nope, it’s just not the same. It’s stuck on the tail-end because it is different. And it needs to be noticed and planted in us so that all the other ones can grow.

So, let’s go. Wishing you all a very self-controlled day.


3 thoughts on “Fireworks and Fruit

  1. Nicole says:

    Very true. good to see your post and ‘hear’your voice. 🙂

  2. HannahRuthie says:

    I appreciate your words, EB. Keep ’em coming.

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