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Today I started reading some other blogs on WordPress. I really enjoy the Freshly Pressed section  – new posts by clever writers that make me feel alternatively inferior and inspired.  This strange mix of motivation in fact prompted me to decide that if I am going to be writing a blog, I should aim to be recognized in the Freshly Pressed section. So, I began looking for a blogger like me. I began combing the archives to see if someone  unqualified was writing a blog. Of course, silly me, I found that there is a cornucopia of unprofessional writers out there (the professionals mostly write books I think). But most of the bloggers are traveling the world, chronicling athletic endeavors, have gardens, write recipes, offer step-by-step craft photos, or have “littles”. That last one I learned is blog-speak for children. None of those apply to a single nursing student in Hawaii. So, next I search “How to be freshly pressed.” In the space of 20 minutes, this has become an important achievement in my mind. What I find is that I need to be aware of my content and make it popular and original and unbiased. Ok, I can do that. I start crafting a really hilarious and unbiased blog entry in my head almost instantly. Oh, this will be good. I will be pressed so fresh.

And then I realize it is all wrong. It is not brave. It is not real. It is not me.

I started this blog to be brave and to encourage others to be brave. I wrote things down to read out loud to my mom on the weekends I spent with her at the Ala Moana hotel during radiation treatments. She and I needed encouragement for our wonderful fights. She is finished with hers and I am still at it. So I am going to keep writing to be brave which is not a popular “search” term. I am going to keep writing to point others to Jesus which is quite biased. I am going to keep encouraging YOU to fight wonderfully because we can do it. Along the way I hope to have gardens and try recipes, plan parties, paint pictures, and even have “littles” because those are all GOOD things! But they are by-products of a life well lived, looking to a mighty God for the strength to face each day.

Wishing you all a brave Sunday to begin a bold new week.

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6 thoughts on “Why Write

  1. Amy says:

    Erin, I came across your blog probably on FB and added it to my google reader so I see it when you update it 🙂 I enjoy reading your thoughts and appreciate your desire to stay YOU and not be what you think other people want to read.

    I haven’t seen anyone in your family in a long long time, but I have wonderful sweet memories of you guys at camp and in Tally. And your mom, she was always so kind and welcoming and had such a radiant smile.

    Much love to you!
    ~Amy (Metcalf) Nichols

    • eb does life says:

      Amy thanks so much. I stay up to date on the bollman metcalf fam through various blogs and facebooks. I love each of you dearly and still hope to reunite one day. Thank you for the encouragement. It means so much.

  2. Harnew says:

    Freshly Pressed is not what you think it is. That traffic will be temporary and short-lived. If you do be selected you want to be ready. And what I mean by this is you better have OTHER quality posts. Because I know someone that by his 4th post he was featured. I made a mental note he had 300 page views. Came back two days later it was in the 3,000’s. BUT only 1-2% of those people subscribed. So have other posts that are good other than that one. But with you having that goal with every post that could motivate you into writing quality content. If you want real traffic and subscribers WHO ACTUALLY READ I suggest continuing to be active in the community. I only been doing this 2 months I’m 2 subs away from 50 subscribers,almost 6k hits and I have other authors. Don’t wait on FP; promote yourself.

    • eb does life says:

      Thanks for the advice! I appreciate hearing from someone who has been doing this longer than me! Praying that I am a positive voice to anyone who does take the time to read my writings 🙂

  3. HannahRuthie says:

    EB, I’ve hesitated each time that I’ve written a comment here. It must seem weird to get a note from someone you knew briefly 14 years ago, but here I am, and I figure a little encouragement can’t be taken too badly…I want to say that it is so very awesome to hear what you have to say. Some days it even lines right up with the devotion I had in the morning and puts a “real world” spin on things (I’m thinking of https://ebdoeslife.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/sticks-and-stones/ in particular). Your mom’s passing has made me contemplative, strange as it may sound with us only being acquaintances, but I stop and pray for you guys a lot, and consider God’s plan for our lives. Thank you for your bold, brave voice.

    • eb does life says:

      Hannah I am so happy when I see your comments. You encourage me and keep me inspired to write. God is so good to use each if us to encourage each other no matter how many years it has been! I pray that any good and glory that can come from moms entrance in heaven would happen. So thanks for the comments!!

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