Happy Tuesday

Happy things: my siblings, North Shore, fresh flowers.

My twin sister married a guy with brown curly hair that is outgoing and fun and doesn’t mind some healthy confrontation. Sara has always had a curly-haired other half to meet people with and balance out her more gentle and reserved personality. Ryan and I are similar in more ways than the curls and we may have taken a little time to warm up to one another. We might have argued like siblings before we were siblings. But two months after he married my most amazing twin, his mom passed away of cancer and I loved that brother no matter what. And now, 7 years later, he and his siblings share something with me and my siblings. We share a gianormous hole where our moms were.

Today, I missed mom all day but still felt happy. I have every Tuesday off for the rest of the semester. (The rest of the days are in the Psychiatric Unit…HIPAA puts a real cramp on the blog fodder but just rest assured, my days are fascinating). So today I took off for the North Shore with Roommate Erin and Our Friend Shawn. We ate Aoki’s shave ice and Storto’s sandwiches, swam at Sunset beach, threw a football like champs, and had a beautiful drive home. I was happy.

Note for future, when you take a photo to prove you went somewhere, capture the title

But burst into tears for a good five minutes when this song came on the radio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOufqWodFNo.

I get officially angry at songs that purposefully rip the tears out of you (go away, Bob Carlisle songs). But today I wanted to hug Natalie Grant for giving me a four and a half minute window of time to miss my mom, tell Jesus I still loved him, and thank God for holding us here on earth. And then I continued to be happy the remainder of the day.

Today I am grateful for the Burns family – my siblings in law (law). I am grateful for Tuesday trips. And I am grateful for the flowers I bought last week that still look awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Deitra Shoemaker says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom, she is an amazing woman of God that has impacted so many for Him. I grieve with you. I am following your blog and appreciate the vulnerability with which you share. My heart goes out to each one in your family who will miss your mom incredibly. She was a bright smile in the world and will always be that. Tears and love to you sweet one!

  2. Claire Koenig says:

    As Switchfoot says, “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine.” Glad you’re finding some rays of happiness amidst the pain. About that brother-in-law of yours, I know he’s up for confrontation. Many years ago he was in my car and we decided to visit the Mormon Temple complex in Salt Lake City. (That’s another story completely.) He decided to try to convert the high-school-aged volunteers eager to show us around the temple grounds. I had to suggest that this might not be the best spot for that …

  3. […] and brother-in-law Ryan agreed that it was a pretty great birthday plan. Intent on the […]

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