Three Weeks

There are three weeks left until I start changing things up. I shook myself out of my choice paralysis and went with Las Vegas as my lay over destination. Mostly because I am tired of waiting to find The Husband and have found a few good chapel drive-thrus. It’s ok, Dad approves. Saves him a bundle, really.

But, let’s get real. That’s false. I AM going to stop through Vegas on my way home from Florida Grandmother birthday festivities. And I AM very much looking forward to 2 weeks of Daytona Beach and 2 days of Las Vegas but it will be sans wedding.

Within these three weeks, I am moving my apartment into a 5×15 storage unit. Did you know that a 5×15 storage unit in Hawaii goes for a price that rivals rent for a studio apartment in Waco, Texas? And did you know that a storage unit in Waco, Texas goes for a price that rivals a mix-plate dinner in Hawaii? Throw in the moving truck rental and the cost of shipping my car to Kona and “saving rent” is no longer on the list of top three reasons to move home for a semester. I am also seriously considering moving into my storage unit when I get back to Oahu. I can make it pretty.

Within these three weeks, I am finishing my rotation in the Psychiatric unit at unnamed hospital with unnamed patients. HIPAA  makes this part of my life so frustratingly un-bloggable. But the patients are blessing my heart and breaking my heart and changing my mind every day. I’m glad to be there.

Within these three weeks, I am registering for my Nursing Licensing Exam so that I can take it sometime in mid to late September. PRAISE GOD (I made it through the year and I am pretty good at standardized tests) and OH SHOOT (I can’t remember anything to do with drugs or patients at this exact moment)!

Within these three weeks, I am saying goodbye to a community for an indefinite amount of time. They have walked with me through the hardest three years of my life. They have taken me to dinner, come to my house for dinner, prayed with me, dated me, gone to the beach with me, loved me, had Christmas gift exchanges with me, studied with me, worshiped with me, run races with me, and basically done life with me. I love them.

God has good in these three weeks. I’m overwhelmed, a bit sad, wish I could tell Mom about everything, and feel less than brave. But God has good in these three weeks.



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8 thoughts on “Three Weeks

  1. Traveling mercies for you. Enjoy the trip.

  2. katie johnson says:

    we are gonna miss u sooo much!

  3. adam says:

    Another great post! Thanks for writing.

  4. Cher says:

    What storage unit in Oahu can you live in? I’m thinking about doing the same. This would be my first time due to my job. I can’t afford to pay 2400 a month anymore!

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