If you don’t think God has swagger, you’re the crazy one.

I met some folks for tennis at Ala Moana beachpark today but arrived early so went on a run. I noticed a lot of people. Ala Moana is one of those places where a LOT happens. Basically, it is the Central Park of Honolulu. There are exercise classes, AA meetings, picnics, runners, bikers, frisbee-players, dog-walkers, head-stand doers, stand-up paddlers, and your standard beach-goers.

A less crowded Ala Moana Beach Park (photo from PlanetWare Travel Guide)

Typically I am trying to run somewhere between 3 and 5 miles (she mentions impressively) so I am heaving and plodding along (still impressive?) and not noticing many people who aren’t directly blocking my path. Today I knew I was only running a mile so I didn’t faint on the tennis courts later so I ventured some looks around. God was not messing around when he made the human race. There are some incredibly athletic people (Fast Sprinting Couple with Real Runner Clothes who lapped me), some seriously good looking people (band of Brazilians holding surfboards where there is no surf, but looking good while doing it), and some all-around gems (Cute Old Speed Walking Couple). God is not boring.

Before this run, my day had already been full of un-boring people. The highlight was an opportunity to discuss life with someone who possessed some very keen insight on the character of God. We talked about all sorts of dilemmas, controversies, and the answers to some of life’s great quandries. So, of course, we talked religion. Well, I mostly listened religion. It was great and when he determined that I had some Protestant ways, he leveled with me. “Now, look. If you don’t think God parties, you’ve got another thing coming. People who don’t think God can dance and have some straight up swagger are the crazy ones.”


I thought this was an excellent time to share my all time favorite Bible verse – Zephaniah 3:17…God dances and spins in delight over you! He rejoices over you and shouts in exultation!” In short, God’s got swagger because he loves us. He liked this. We agreed. Don’t make God boring! He isn’t.

So if you have had a boring day today, look around you. God made some great people and he made them with some straight up swagger.

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