Ready, Set, Relax.

It was a sprint-marathon-long-jump-discus throw to the end but today I finished with my very last day of clinicals. I am all set for a weekend of festivities and two weeks of vacation. If I can get off the couch. But that will happen because the alternative is sitting here looking at a strategically packed mess as the temple next door celebrates Bon season with PokeMon karaoke into the wee hours. I’ll get off the couch.

After Moving Day tomorrow, I get to dress up with little sister as my date and go to a graduation dinner. It’s not a real graduation since there will be no degree conferred until six semesters of graduate work is completed. But we have earned registered nursing licenses, so that deserves a party. On Sunday, we will celebrate Sister Style with all three Barley girls at Kailua Beach Park. If you didn’t get an invitation, it was lost in the mail and you should come anyway. There will be candles and food and other pretty things as we celebrate the grace of God and the love of family and friends bringing me through this year.

But with vacation coming up, I have a very serious decision to make. I need good books in my life. Please advise! What was the last great read you experienced? Please see the guidelines below.

YES List
-Cute children
-Good books
-Current events

NO List
-Nursing text books
-Boring books
-Grief counseling
-Comic books
-Anything by Danielle Steele

All suggestions will be taken into serious consideration.

I am going to get ready to leave the couch now. Let’s have a good weekend.

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7 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Relax.

  1. Claire Koenig says:

    SO MANY good book options … A few choice ones …

    “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks. A kind of historical detective novel as a woman tries to trace the history of an ancient illuminated text.

    “The Help” by Katherine Stockett. You probably heard of this one. A college graduate returns to the South and is shocked to realize how the “help” (i.e. the black domestics) are treated. Coming to a theater near you …

    “Trinity” by Leon Uris. I’m reading this now. Fat book, 800 pages. Ireland under British rule in the 1860’s to 1920’s. It does include a romance but the whole book is a tragedy.

    “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory. Elizabeth and Edward IV in about 1400’s England. Great read. This author wrote “The Other Boleyn Girl.”

    “Snow Flower & The Secret Fan” by Lisa See. The friendship-for-life of two girls/women in 1800’s China.

    “Thunder Dog” by Susy Flory. Written by my cousin. True story of a blind man who was guided out of the World Trade Center by his dog just before the collapse. The book is more about him and his life. Came out this week.

    “Running the Books” – Avi Steinberg. A man tells his experiences as a prison librarian. I’ve heard it’s wonderful.

    I’ll stop before I get boring!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for asking Erin as I didn’t have any good books on my own list- so thanks to Claire for the list! 🙂 Have a fantabulous vacation and party with our seesters.

  2. eb does life says:

    Claire – great list! Thank you! I see a few that I will check out right away. I will let you know which ones I get into!

  3. gypsydoodles says:

    Lisa See is included on Claire’s list. haven’t read any of her books. so i’ll surely get that Snow flower & the secret fan..

  4. Megan says:

    Colorado Crimes by Lisa Harris. Christian Mystery. It’s a cute fun read.

    ANYTHING Francine Rivers, especially Mark of the Lion. Oh my word, best three books I have EVER read. It is some what romancy. But it is more of a historical piece on Biblical Times and all about faith. The faith of the main character will inspire you!

    Also, Bodie & Brock Theone wrote a bunch of books about WWII and such. They are Christian and the books are supposed to be awesome. Have not read them yet.

    Also, I love your yes and no list. 🙂 I just saw Soul Surfer last night and thought of you Barley girls (I know shes from Kauai and you girls aren’t pro surfers, but it made me think of you nonetheless). I think Bethany Hamilton wrote a book too, it would probably be pretty good.

  5. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne
    Verne is an awesome writer. The whole book I kept thinking, “Who is this Captain Nemo?!”

    Flatland, by Edwin Abbot
    A fascinating and biting mathematical social commentary. Ha ha ha! No, but it really is good. It’s heady, but interesting — makes you think outside the box a little.

    Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton
    An Anglican priest in 1940s Africa sets out to find his lost son, Absolom, in Johannesburg. Full of beautiful writing and poetic vignettes.

    The Jungle Book and/or All the Mowgli Stories, by Rudyard Kipling
    Way, way better than the Disney movie. The Jungle Book is a series of short stories and poetry, and All the Mowgli Stories is all the short stories Kipling wrote about Mowgli compiled into a single book.

    Harry Potter, Years 1-7, by J. K. Rowling
    You know, she really is an incredibly talented author. There is a literary depth to her books that is frankly lacking in contemporary writing. Plus, as I read the books, I was constantly finding metaphors of Jesus.

    Life with God, by Richard Foster
    An exploration of the need for scripture in our lives to live life with God. (I haven’t finished this one yet, but it’s good!)

    Anything by C. S. Lewis
    For obvious reasons. But especially the Narnia Chronicles — if you haven’t read them already, you should be ashamed of yourself — and his triology starting with the book called Out of the Silent Planet. The Silent Planet triology is sort of a sci-fi work, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it on a literary level too, especially the second book called Perelandra.

    And that should give you something to read for a few days. Ha ha ha!

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