Vacation from my Problems

Every family seems to have their quotable movies. My family has an inordinate amount of quotes floating around in our interactions. So much so that at times you may need some kind of decoder ring to follow along. The art to quotes is weaving it into conversation in an appropriately subtle way. I don’t do subtle but little sister is really good at this and cracks me up all the time. Some family standards: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Man Who Knew too Little, Princess Bride, Goonies, You’ve Got Mail, Miss Congeniality, and What About Bob. Bill Murray has provided a lot of quotable fodder for conversation. Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking a “vacation from my PROOOOOblems” just like Bob.

When I have a mainland trip approaching, I save up decisions and things I need to pray about. I always think of the plane flight as a forced 10 to 12 hours to be alone and think through life.  I will arrive in the motherland with issues resolved and decisions made and ready to relax. What really happens is right around the point in the flight where the plane starts taxiing down the tarmac, I remember how nervous turbulence makes me and I watch four movies in a row to forget that I am 30,000 feet in the air. So, this time I am being realistic. I will solve all of my problems by the pool and on the beach in Daytona.

Really, I do like getting away during transitional times like these. It’s like getting a bird’s eye view on my life. I can look around and see where God wants me to invest my time and what I am going to do differently when I get home. It doesn’t solve my problems. It just makes them not so problematic. I get a strategy going. I give myself a pep-talk. I say things like “You ARE going to pass that NCLEX exam without vomiting. You ARE going to pay your loans off with a great Nurse Practitioner job and it will be before you are 72. Maybe even 42. You ARE going to run that half-marathon. But you might vomit. You ARE going to make good choices. You ARE going to raise a family like your mama did. Now, turn over and tan that tummy, stat!” It’s a great way to vacation from my problems.

So, if you need to get away, face your fears, or just get some perspective, do it! Even if you have to tie yourself to the mast of the boat like Bob did, it will be worth it. God will meet you there with pep talks and encouragement that you CAN do life and you can do it bravely. “You’re sailing!!!”

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One thought on “Vacation from my Problems

  1. Karen Engel says:

    Erin I am just so blessed to be following your journey on this blog. Thank you for making it available to those of us who know you from way back. (CDTS) Thank you also for sharing so honestly and giving courage and comfort to others along the way, even though you are wading through some pretty deep waters. You carry so much of your mom (which is really Jesus cause she was so loaded with His beautiful presence) and I am blessed beyond measure to see how the love that she planted in her kids is bearing fruit in such beautiful ways. And the movies and quotes?? Totally my favorites too – except the Goonies which I will have to watch now because obviously we have the same taste. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE “You’ve Got Mail” and was so happy to see you and your friend scoping out all the sites in New York. I bless you not to throw up as you face your fears =) and pray that your loan will be paid off in no time at all. You are such a gift and a treasure and even though you hardly know me, I just want you to know that your life carries unbelievable impact because of those deep roots you have in Jesus.
    Enjoy your flight!! (and the pool time) Maybe I’ll see you in Kona again someday, but until then I”ll keep watching for your posts and drink in the lovely words that flow from your pen and heart. Be blessed dear daughter of the King. You will be a most amazing nurse practitioner!

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