Autumn Anonymous

Autumn got to me again this weekend. Grocery store marketing is made for suckers like me. I’ve walked by the fake corn and baby gourds a few times this season. And I’ve resisted. But yesterday, I bought the baby pumpkins piled high at the front of the Safeway produce department because it’s fall, gosh darnit, and these things need to be done.

Piled high on the kitchen counter, looking cute.

Then I bought the bag of caramels placed strategically beside the shiny Fuji apples. Again, it’s fall and there are children that need to be fed (caramel apples).

Neither niece had ever had a caramel apple (don't start thinking deprivation thoughts...these kids know sugar). So they now think that all caramel apples come on chopsticks.

And finally, the newest issue of Cooking Light lured me back to the grocery store today to purchase everything I needed for four awesome meals this week. This was the first one. Macaroni and Cheese with Butternut Squash. For the record, Gruyere cheese is stinking expensive and really delicious. This turned out creamy, nutty, and totally autumn.

You can tell this is not a food blog because if it was, the photos would be way better.

My name is Erin and I am an Autumn sucker. But I don’t regret any of the choices above.

Be brave. Buy the pumpkins.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Anonymous

  1. Jeannie says:

    Love it!! You write with such humor. I can just hear your voice as I read. I especially enjoyed the part about your nieces now thinking caramel apples come on chopsticks. (chuckle) I, too am a sucker for fall. In fact, I am looking out my window at beautiful fall colors right now. I wish I could somehow combine Fall and Hawaii.

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