What are you waiting for?

These are a few of the things that kept me busy this week:

Foam and wood block!

With all the hip blogs out there, I still find the best ideas in Living Magazine. Hard copy baby.

Sister's engagement party!


They're so great.

Last week I kept myself busy with all kinds of crafts and baking and even threw an engagement party for sister. Being a stay-at-home mom without a husband or kids is super easy! But then on Wednesday, I baby-sat my two-year-old niece. Zoe is awesome. She didn’t pitch fits, cry, or get injured. But I still once again stare at my twin sister in hero-worship awe and pray that one day I will be able to brush my teeth and take care of children.

During these un-busy transition seasons in life, I sometimes get cranky waiting to figure out my next step: where do I live, where do I do my next clinical location…but if I didn’t have to wait, when would I listen to God? When would I exercise my faith? It’s in the wait that the process happens. It’s in the wait, that I sit down on the inside and trust my good God.

Isaiah prophesied about Jesus’ birth and didn’t see the fulfillment in his lifetime. Anna and Simeon waited in the temple of Jerusalem until almost the very end of their lives before they saw the Messiah-child. But they all waited and they all believed because it was going to be EPIC. God still has epic plans in the works and my little life weaves into that somehow. Totally worth waiting for.

If you are waiting for something, maybe something that didn’t happen for you this year, keep your head up. Your life weaves into God’s epic plan too. Stay busy but sit down on the inside and trust our good God.


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15 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. Scott Keen says:

    Erin, I hear ya. All I can say, “ditto.”

  2. Claire Koenig says:

    I can really use that word today. Thanks so much, Erin!

  3. Megan says:

    Our little church is going through the Resolution for Women. See the movie Courageous? It’s basically the woman’s version. Resolution #1 is to be content in whatever phase of life you are in. Not rush too quickly to the next or cling to the past. It has been a bit hard at times (because I do want to be a mom), but I am learning to trust God and enjoy each moment of this season. I’ve also been forcing myself to slow down and be still before my Savior. Not easy for a go-go-go girl like me who always has to be doing something. Great encouragement!

    Also, totally love the pictures. Your craftiness is awesome. And congrats to Meg! 🙂

  4. Soo Mashburn says:

    Love, love, love it!

  5. Truth! I love this line: sit down on the inside and trust our good God.

  6. HannahRuthie says:

    Your wisdom and insight never fails to be timely, eb. Thank you and keep ’em coming! By the way, my dad was THRILLED to spend his first evening back in town with you guys. Thanks for leading him toward food–apparently airlines are only serving peanuts these days! Merry Christmas!

  7. Nikki says:

    Hard to wait is right. Hard to wait graciously too. Much harder to sit down on the inside when things are so up in the air. I’ve been in the hospital for 5 days since Christmas (we’re a day ahead of you) waiting to find out the outcome of my pregnancy. If its not ectopic why am I in such pain? Wish you were a nurse here! It makes me really value nurses especially good ones and I’m glad you are going to be out there blessing people

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