Making 2012 the Best Year Yet: By doing pharmacology homework.

I had all these lofty bloggy ideas for New Year’s postings and they fell to the wayside in my upheaval of not moving. But now that I’ve cleared up my location, I can move on to being super inspirational about the coming year. And not doing my pharmacology work yet.

Having a birthday the day after the New Year begins is like having my own personal fresh start. My 2012 Resolutions are also my 29th year Resolutions. This year I took a good hard look at 2011 and 28 and decided I can do better. Not because I failed terribly last year, but because every year should be better. I can’t help thinking that I want 2012 to be my best year ever. And then I feel guilty because it’s the first year devoid of Mom. But really, what makes a year GOOD? I’m going to take a few shots in the dark and offer some ideas. And I think doing these things when you’re missing a key part of your life, can still result in the best year yet.

Erin’s Tactical Guide to Making 2012 The Best Year Yet
(Or Things I Will Tell Myself Every Day in 2012)

1. Do hard things: when it’s right, even when other people don’t, even when you don’t see why.
2. Don’t whine about them: Suck it up, keep calm, carry on.
3. Get your priorities straight: Big things first, little things last (I stole this one from a sermon).
4. If it didn’t work the first time, change tactics: the hole is round, the peg is square. Stop sitting there beating on it, it’ll just wear you out and make you feel silly.
5. Eat well, exercise well, sleep well: There is a reason it’s cliche. It works.

I’m pretty sure if I remember these things, do these things, and trust a big and good God, I’ll be improving on last year. Let’s try it. And also let’s do pharmacology homework.

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2 thoughts on “Making 2012 the Best Year Yet: By doing pharmacology homework.

  1. Copied your 5 points and posting them on my desktop as a reminder. Thanks, Erin. You’re the best!

  2. […] the part of the holiday season that sticks with me the rest of the year. My new age. At this time last year, I was newly single, decided to cancel a big move, stayed home and made my dad listen to me cry […]

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