The Dekatriathon

I’ve been missing my Super Runner Friends on Oahu that used to let me draft off of their super powers as they ran 5 miles like it ain’t no thing. They’re the ones that are running marathons in the double digits before thirty-years-old. I’m the one that has yet to break double digit mileage in one day.

Audrey is the leader of the pack when it comes to running.

The 8 mile Great Aloha Run is my one and only racing achievement and this year’s race is right around the corner. But this year, I’m using it for training. For a Half Marathon. Which I wish they would give its own name. Why diminish it with “Half”? It’s 13.1 miles! Let’s look up the Greek and call it…a Dekatriathon. Oh, I like that.

I have yet to find the Dekatriathon that I want to try. There’s one in Hilo on March 18 and the Wahine “Half-Marathon” in Honolulu on April 1. Their website gives me pause. Check it out. That’s a whole lot of feathers and tiaras. But it did have my name on it.

Well, most of my name.

On Tuesday, I ran with my Super Triathalon Trainer friend, Emilee. She can swim for days and is a rock-star on wheels but is just back at running after a stress-fracture in her foot. We took it easy on a grassy three mile run and she let me pretend to be Super Runner. She’s so nice to me like that.

So yesterday I decided to see how far I could go by running a fun little loop of 6 miles, a lot of which is downhill. I did it to the tune of some really lame “club cardio” music and went over opioid pharmacology in my head.

Bad Romance is NOT the correct soundtrack for panaoramic views of the coast.

I think if I switch up the tunes, keep up the training with Emilee, and keep memorizing drugs along the way, I got this dekatriathon in the bag.

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2 thoughts on “The Dekatriathon

  1. bearrunner says:

    Thanks for the comment… I want to spoiled by paradise weather too šŸ˜¦ Past Weekend was -25… I would rather be frolicking in the sand


  2. […] things like taking the dog out to pee or sweeping the floor. Although I did finally run my first Dekatriathon in September, we haven’t exactly been […]

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