Have Some Pride. Or Don’t.

Yesterday I learned a thing or ten about pride. Ok, so when someone talks about struggling with pride and how we can get better, I usually tune out. Even if it is my dad/pastor/best preacher in the world. I tune out because I don’t think I am prideful. I may not be the most humble person, but “struggle with pride”? Nah. Let me explain.

In a room full of people, I don’t think I’m the coolest. No ways. The models and the doctors. They are the coolest.
In a line at the grocery store, I don’t think I’m better than the clerk. I served shrimp for four years at a restaurant with a movie theme. With trivia. And ping pong paddles.
In a conversation, I am fascinated by people’s stories. I want to know why they are in Hawaii, where they work, what their parents’ names are, and if they have ever gone sky diving. Others first. Or insatiably nosy. I mean curious.

So that means I am not prideful, right? Not according to the irritatingly awesome sermon. Here is the simple test presented at Living Stones Church yesterday.

1. Do you long for a lot of attention? Um, yes. Who doesn’t? I may not be the coolest in the room, but I better get some attention.
2. Do you become jealous or critical of people who succeed? The models and the doctors may be the coolest but the models are starving and the doctors have no lives. Pssh, who wants to be them anyway.
3. Do you always have to win? No, if I know I won’t win, I don’t play. That’s not competitive…is it?
4. Do you have a pattern of lying? No. No, really.
5. Do you have a hard time acknowledging you were wrong? No,ย  because I’m never wrong. Easy.
6. Do you have a lot of conflicts with other people? Only when they are dumb.
7. Do you cut in line at the store, airport, on the freeway, etc.? I try not to but sometimes I am more innovative than the people in front of me.
8. Do you get upset when people do not honour your achievements? No, I just make sure I mention it in my blog more.
9. Do you tend more toward an attitude of entitlement or thankfulness? In all seriousness guys, I can say I feel overwhelmingly grateful for and undeserving ofย  the good things in my life. Finally, one that I can check the box NO on.
10. Do you honestly feel you are basically a good person and superior to others? Not every other.

So, I think I scored a 9/10. Which is a 90%, which is an A. In Pride. Awesome. I guess I can work on it a little more and tune out a little less.

How do YOU score?

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15 thoughts on “Have Some Pride. Or Don’t.

  1. Callie says:

    What? Sorry, I think I tuned you out… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Claire Koenig says:

    Well this certainly can’t apply to me … ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bearrunner says:

    20 minute PB, congratulations!!!!!!!!!


  4. Megan says:

    Yeah. I’m pretty high up there too… better get off this horse of mine. Sigh. haha

  5. Linda Shevkenek says:

    Hahahaha!!! Erin, that is sooooo funny!! I must admit, I had similar thoughts! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Lynn says:

    Well the attention thing is a no brainer since you canโ€™t let someone else be more successful than yourself. Besides, all those other people just want their own way when MY way is the only RIGHT way and they just tend to get IN THE WAY when I need to be somewhere before them.
    So, am I winning this contest yet? I usually win since Iโ€™m so much better at games than others.

  7. Lately I’m finding it almost impossible to keep from raising my hand and screeching from the back row: “but, but ~ can we talk about this” Ha!

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