To Make a Short Story Long

I think of myself as an average 29-year-old who has waited a little longer than average to meet the man of her dreams and fall in love. But nothing makes one feel quite so fascinating as when blog-reading friends make multiple requests for a blog-posting. I’m pretty much the most interesting girl in the world. If you were just being polite, thanks anyway and too bad because here’s the story. You asked for it.

It’s really quite short. But I will make it long. The one sentence version is at the very end so skim if you are in a hurry.

Roger Moves to Kona: Roger is an Aussie. He moved to Kona in November to work with Water For Life and to meet me. But he only knew the first part when he packed his bags.

 Roger Meets Me: Our mutual and wonderful friend, Dr. Andrew West, had talked to both of us about our respective cool factors and was fairly convinced that we were a perfect match. Even though I was unavailable and Roger was Australian. No offense, Continent, I just always figured I would marry intra-America. So we met and that was all. “See you around hot Pastor’s daughter.” “Catch ya later hot guy that Andrew works with.” Except we didn’t say that out loud.

Dr. Andrew West of Discovery Channel and Living Stones Church fame.

Roger Finally Uses the Phone Number He Asked for Awkwardly: Roger was in possession of my Facebook friendship, my e-mail address, and my telephone number for two weeks before asking me to lunch, which I will admit, I was not used to. For reasons that became obvious later, God had told him to wait. And I had told myself a lot of creative reasons for the two week silence. But I’ll keep those a secret. The important part is, we did have our magical Hayashi’s lunch date on January 21st.

Highly recommended.

Roger Sweeps Me off My Feet: It only took a few days before we were quite literally crazy about one another. I kept trying to figure out when the weird nervous feelings would go away. My family smiled smug smiles. Still are actually. We talked about life and goals and values and all of those important things. But over-arching all of the commonalities and attractive qualities, was the general sense of “Finally, it’s you.” Mom always told me it would feel like coming home. Yep.


Roger Proposes: Six weeks after we began dating, Roger took me to Baptism Bay where we had spent our first afternoon together. He had several sneaky stories for why we needed to go there and, sorry Rog, I did not buy a single one. But it was a valiant effort and I pretended beautifully. Until I saw the table with flowers and dinner set out in a garden by the beach. And then I began to cry un-beautifully until he asked me to stop so that he could propose. I did and he asked and I said yes. And then began snotty crying again. After a tearful and fun dinner, we headed home where Sara and Megan had arranged a surprise engagement party with forty or so people. The perfect night.


Roger Remains Awesome: We have been engaged for almost three weeks and, after hyperventilating for 72-ish hours, I can now say that I am settling into the life of a full-time fiancee. Roger encourages me in every way – school, wedding, life.

A Word on Wedding Planning to Close:I started out the wedding process wondering what the big deal was. We are having a small wedding in Waimea. We already have a venue, a guest list, my dress, a photographer, and a caterer. All well within a budget.

But, then I skimmed some wedding blogs.

I DO NOT know how people remain engaged for longer than six months. And no, not just because of The Body Boundaries One Does Not Cross. Because of the Wedding Blogs. They are herniating, terrifying, inspiring, and nauseating all at the same time. If you are a Wedding Blogger, please, for the sake of every bride including yourself, STOP. I am going back to pre-Pinterest days when one did not know how every married female in the whole world decorated her tables. I hereby ban the blogs. So that I have time to brush my teeth.

Thank goodness it will only last three months. That’s right, the wedding is in June. Some of you are sighing in romance and others of you are shaking your head and telling me to slow the heck down. And the rest of you are skimming to get to the end. The important thing to me is that I get married to the man God has given me and that I am the wife I am meant to be for him.

The wedding is one day – one awesome party with friends and family to celebrate answered prayers and the start of something incredible. We want to show, share, and love Jesus better because we are married. And that will fill up a whole lot more days of bravely doing married life. So stay tuned.

(As promised, the one sentence version: Roger came to my church and asked me to lunch and we fell in love so he proposed six weeks later and we are getting maaaaaarried.)

Check out the next post for more engagement the talented Eric Franke.

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11 thoughts on “To Make a Short Story Long

  1. Alexis Bilderback says:

    Oh I loved your post. It’s just like coming home. I fell just as hard for my husband day one. 10 yrs later I wake up in the night thinking he’s beautiful. Enjoy dear! I love your blog. We got married in Waimea, the Waimea on Oahu in the botanical garden. How cool!!!

  2. eb does life says:

    That’s so good to hear Lexi! You will get to meet him soon when we come to Oahu!

  3. Lynn Bembenek says:

    George and I also had the whirlwind. We met January 29th. He proposed 4 days after Valentines day. We were married on May 27th. Now it is coming up to our 17th anniversary! Congratulations to you both! I hope to see wedding pictures as well! And the engagement pictures are lovely!

  4. alright, love your story! so much. and i just want you to know, one summer at camp, you told me your mom’s thing about knowing when you find the right one- that it’s like coming home. and it’s exactly what i thought about micah the first time we took a walk together. i knew right then… and i had never had that sort of resonating feeling about anyone before then. she had it right. thanks for that bit of wisdom. love you!

  5. Mary Katherine says:

    Well, I confess, I have been sneaking peeks at your blog for the last couple of weeks–pretty bad for a married-for-almost-29-years old lady–waiting to get the COMPLETE STORY. Thank you for satisfying the incurable romantic in me. . .sigh.

  6. Claire K. says:

    Love your precious story. Prayers for heaps of blessings on you as you prepare, and as you discover the joys (and sometimes challenges ~ ) of married life.

  7. Loved hearing this story. I read it a couple days ago, but haven’t had a chance to comment yet. And your pictures are GORGEOUS! So very you. And i Loved the half braid thing. 🙂

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