Very Engaging

We had our engagement photos taken in Waimea by our friend Eric Franke. He is very clever and talented and this is is website. I am extremely self-conscious in front of the camera and so these are a few in which I look the least awkward. Mostly because my face is not showing in a lot of them. Roger, on the other hand, looked fantastic in every single one.

We had a great time taking these.

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5 thoughts on “Very Engaging

  1. keri says:

    ms. erin…soon to be mrs. erin…i do not know what you mean! you are SSSOOOO photogenic!! you are beautiful and i love your pictures…but not as much as i love YOU! 😀 praying for you and roger!!

  2. I love all of them! especially the ones with your cute face but the tiptoe in the sunset one is so darling and whimsical-just like you!

  3. Claire K. says:

    Beautiful and so expressive of who you are (and who, I presume, Roger is)! You need to lose that self-consciousness – you look awesome!

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