Jess is my Hero

Today, I was given the honor of being in the room during one of my dearest friends’ home birth. This is baby number 3 for this champion mother and amazing dad. They hold a special place in my heart. Jess and I have been friends since we were 13 and a number of years ago she married an Australian man named Dave. Their romance was rather quick and they have created a beautiful marriage since then. I have often asked Jess for advice and for encouragement while I waited for my own story to unfold. About two weeks before I met Roger, Jess texted me and told me she was praying for me. She told me my story was going to happen and that it would be beautiful.

So today I watched this team bring a new life into the world. They showed me a pretty amazing reflection of Christ and his church as they loved one another and encouraged one another. Jess had a peace that radiated through the room and I know that Dave and was a big reason for that. This is what marriage was made for: to shout the love of God. His goodness was so evident in that room. And we all celebrated over a wonderful healthy little boy.

Once again, I am thanking God for my unfolding story. I am part of something bigger than myself as I look around at the community I live in, the family I love, and the man I get to marry. To God be all the glory.

I think I am going to explode with happiness. Time for a run.

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