There’s been a few things going on like final exams and traveling far and wide but my favorite? Anything wedding. And last Sunday evening Megan and Sara gave me a bridal shower with lots of lovely ladies. A lawn party complete with croquette, hats, and iced tea in mason jars was turned into an inside soiree with the rain began dumping approximately 30 minutes prior to go time. The sisters flew into action, relegated me to downstairs, and transformed our upstairs into an indoor event that would have give Gatsby a run for his money.

Some of my favorites. They wore hats for me.

The modern lawn party look.

One of the stunning hosts. Good dress right?

The other gorgeous sister. Who finds time for everything. I don’t know how.

Pretty Alyssa.

The shower included a surprise visit from The Fiancee. We had to interview for a greencard. Can you see the nerves?

They showered me.

And they prayed for me. Which I LOVE.

And all of this because I get to marry THIS GUY!

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2 thoughts on “Showered

  1. doseofdawn says:

    I am soooo happy for you. Next month…woot, woot…can’t wait. Love you EB!

  2. Looks like a lovely shower! And I love the surprise visit from the fiance — so fun! Enjoy all of your wedding festivities! Such a fabulous time of life!

    [if this is the second time this comment appears, I apologize. I was having wordpress issues. šŸ™‚ ]

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