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Modern Living

This week was Sister Trip week. In honor of Megan’s upcoming wedding and 25th birthday, the three of us (plus Baby Sawyer) spent 72 hours in Honolulu. We shopped, we ate out, and best of all – we stayed in a hotel that beats the pants off any other I’ve stayed in on Oahu. Bear in mind, I do not stay in five-star-500-a-night places. So, The Modern¬†beats the pants off of any other relatively affordable places on Oahu. This place had a 1960’s vibe with a Coastal Living twist. The staff was attentive, the pool and garden terrace were unreal pretty, and the rooms were super chic. It is located on Ala Moana Blvd within walking distance of the mall and overlooks the marina. But when you are inside and at the pool area, you feel like you could be anywhere. Like in a James Bond film for example.

We have all inherited Mom’s delight in hotels and fun places. She would have LOVED The Modern. She also would have loved picking out Megan’s wedding dress with us. Guess what? We didn’t cry a single time on Sister Trip so you better not start now either. We had a blast as Megan tried on stunning gowns and the staff all raved over her as the perfect wedding dress model. Good sales tactic perhaps but we all agreed it worked. Dad purchased the dress for her long-distance and she now owns the Most Beautiful Wedding Dress Ever. Sorry everybody else.

We found the dress on the first day before dinner. So the rest of the trip was spent leisurely shopping and vacationing and pretending to be the Vacationing Mainland Sisters everyone thought we were (“You’re from Kona?! You don’t look like you’re from Kona.” Umm, thank you? Or no thank you? I’m confused). Brother Sam came by the hotel between his crazy class schedule and work hours for Megan’s birthday breakfast and it was great to have all the siblings in one place. Even Sawyer got the staycation memo and was the most chilled out six-month-old you have ever toted along for wedding dress shopping.

We got home yesterday, on Megan’s birthday. Her fiance had created a sushi extravaganza that rivals Hayashi You Make the Roll magic and Roger helped with Mochi icecream and Mojito making. Sister Trip resulted in some Husband Ryan, Fiance Shaun, and Boyfriend Roger time. Turns out they make pretty good brothers.

So, now I am home and grateful for my sisters who love some finer things in life, my mom who showed us how to love those things but not serve those things, Dad who is generous and wise, and the newly forming brotherhood of Other Halves.

And it’s back to Pharmacology and Health Assessment presentations…I miss The Modern.



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I am two weeks away from being 29. I am taking stock of the year a little earlier than usual. I will go ahead and get the obvious out of the way – saddest year yet. But in the midst of it, I have been given grace, joy, comfort, and even straight up happy times.

28 is a great age. When you are single and you tell people you are 28, they will often say “Wow, what a great time of life. Enjoy it. You have PLENTY of time for marriage and family.” Which basically means they think you have two years. I’ve loved being 28.

At 28, I became a nurse and began the process of becoming a nurse practitioner. I got a killer scholarship and lots of help in finding a job when I graduate. I collected a small storage-unit full of non-particle board furniture and adulty things like throw rugs and dishes I actually want to keep.

I owned these for a year before noticing them on the wall of Claire's kitchen in Modern Family. My plates are famous.

At 28, I learned to run for a long time without throwing up, how to cook with a dutch oven, and how to throw a party with Goodwill items only. I learned how to save lives, how to not cry when I really want to, and how to be polite when I really don’t want to. I learned how to swim long distances in the ocean and that cars really do need regular oil changes. I also learned that my AT&T roadside assistance really works.

At 28, I was surprised by a proposal from a good friend with a good ring, tried to say yes and had to say no.¬† At 28 I realized that I’m a much nicer person when I eat and sleep on time, that I can’t stay awake for late-night movies, and that being afraid of things is a waste of time. I also started dating a man named Andy who should feature more in my blog once we actually live on the same island.

At 28, I spent the last terribly wonderful times with my mom and then said goodbye. I’m pretty confident that 29 will be better than 28 because so far every year has been better than the last. Harder. But better. Onward and upward! Bravely!

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