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It Was a Good Day

As promised, an embarrassment of photos. You have my permission to scroll quickly. It’s just another wedding blog. But it was MY wedding. How crazy is that.

Mom’s dress from June thirty-one years ago. Perfect fit.

Last minute choices from a dainty array of heirlooms.

My something blue from Grandmomie Carol…little sapphire earrings.

I won’t devote the rest of my blogs to wedding reminiscing but I will say that I unashamedly reveled in the best day of my life.

We had a wonderful little cottage on the ranch to use for the ready and waiting spot.

One of my favorites with my favorite sisters.

Joining the marrieds.

They were the best bridesmaids I could have asked for. A twin sister, a little sister, a hair-dresser best friend that gave me any sense of style I may have today, a best friend from 1st grade, a pen-pal from middle school that turned into a real life best friend, and a missionary roommate that prayed me through nursing school.

I tried to enjoy every moment but at this point I was close to sprinting down the aisle.

One of my photographers had this fun idea. I think she’s good at what she does, what do you think? http://www.rebeccaarthursblog.com

The boys had some fun getting ready too. Please note the Aussie pose. Without fail.

had no idea how deliriously happy and exhilarated I would feel. It felt like a combination of winning a contest, taking a bow at the end of a Broadway musical, and having a surprise party thrown by all your best friends in your honor.

Papa Paul – the best man. Rog comes from a long line of handsome and good natured.

Sam and the final brother-in-law.

Australian-American Lesson #59: Boutonnieres are put on upside down. Both ways looks pretty good. Also, for the record, Mama Leanne is a former model and is positively stunning.

The Maid of Honor definitely found those yellow ties the day before the wedding. Lindsey saved the day about 500 times in one month. That’s like 16.6 times a day.

Saying yes to this guy was a breeze.

It was perfect. Sunny and misty.

We used one of Mom’s songs for the processional and Sara and Ryan sang some beautiful hymns during communion.

Sister Sara’s daughters were my flowergirls. Sometimes I stare at this photo and wonder how it is possible for kids to be this stinking cute.

Merry Married Mitsudas.

I know I should have expected my wedding to be great but I was surprised by the level of greatness. Seriously. Heaven celebrated with us. I’m not making that up.

Roger’s crates that we feminized. Also, can you believe those flowers? Those are thanks to Maid Of Honor’s Mama Linda.

Photographer Eric captured many of these images including this promise over our celebration. http://www.efrankevisuals.com

Worth. Every. Penny.

And this guy was the one who got me here. Had me, raised me, prayed me through the wait, paid me through the wedding, and remains the best dad I could ask for.

And this is the one I get to spend the rest of my days with. Happily Ever After.

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Zip Zip

On Monday, Daddy Bill turned 56. Yep, the patriarch is another year wiser. Now, one of my mom’s many talents as you will recall was making every holiday a BIG deal. She also had the talent of being the only person I knew that could get Dad to follow a plan he didn’t make. Put those two missing pieces together, and you have a Dad who thinks he is getting away scot-free on his big day.

Lucky him though – he’s got devious daughters. Little sister master-minded the Great Birthday Adventure. And the twins aided and abetted. We told him we had a surprise for him and to be ready to leave by 8:00 am. In his patriarchal way, he was 95% convinced that he would think better of our plan. But when he heard the words Zip and Line he was all about it.  Yes, 9 “zips”, 4 suspension bridges, and 2 free rappels are just the ticket for feeling younger than 56.

Of course we couldn't send him alone....

Dad and brother-in-law Ryan agreed that it was a pretty great birthday plan.

Intent on the directions.

We had our doubts since I inherited my fear of balconies and tall ladders from this guy. But his love for adventure wins out over irrational fear any day. Plus, Kohala Zipline is crazy safe.

56 ain't got nothing on him.

This smile says “I will always listen to and trust my daughters when they lead me into a blind surprise.” Ok, maybe not. But definitely this time.

True to family form, we will be celebrating Dad all week so if you have a shout out for Daddy Bill, post it. Zip Zip.

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