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Being Merry and Bright

Since I have finished my semester, I have been able to fully embrace Christmastime. I am not sure what will happen when I am no longer finishing exams and papers right before Christmas. I think when I am working as a Nurse Practitioner in the grown-up world, I will expect everything to come to a halt around December 14 so that I can focus on decking the halls and strolling the malls. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen though so I better enjoy it while it lasts.Here are a few photos of the merry-making around here.


We bought our very first married people Christmas tree. It is very small. But spirited. The little guy is already loaded with ornamental memories.


We lit up our little cottage with all kinds of festive things scrounged from Dad’s garage over Thanksgiving….

The Aussie toured his first Honolulu City Lights. I LOVE the City Lights.


I’m practically a Dremel spokesperson these days.

We are obviously having a very Merry Driftwood Christmas. ‘Round about the day after Halloween when I began to get the holiday gleam in my eyes when I passed anything tinsel in the stores, I saw Roger get nervous. So I  promised him I wouldn’t buy a single Christmas decoration. All those long walks on the North Shore in the fall yielded some pretty great driftwood hauls.


Roger even did some decorating of his own.



And we, of course, hosted a White Elephant gift exchange party. This little tradition is something Roger sort of married into. I believe I have hosted one every year for about 6 years now and this Christmas was the first time I stopped and asked myself if I was the only one who liked these things. The answer was maybe and I did it anyway. Every year there is a good story. There was 2009 when Darren proposed to Stel with an engagement ring wrapped in the last present (It took skills to organize that one). Then there was 2010 when a certain unitard was received…and fought over…and tried on by some very merry men. Then of course, I can’t leave out 2007, the year in which I received Joseph Zephaniah the Beta Fish and best friend Lindsey and I began a year-long saga of beta replacements. So, the White Elephant tradition will continue.


We also decked the dogs with ribbons and bells. That little guy is Bear. Jasper’s only dog-friend here on Oahu. He’s a bit of a grinch when it comes to making friends.

I hope you are all making merry, loving your friends and family, and worshiping the Savior who is constantly merry over his children!

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Autumn Anonymous

Autumn got to me again this weekend. Grocery store marketing is made for suckers like me. I’ve walked by the fake corn and baby gourds a few times this season. And I’ve resisted. But yesterday, I bought the baby pumpkins piled high at the front of the Safeway produce department because it’s fall, gosh darnit, and these things need to be done.

Piled high on the kitchen counter, looking cute.

Then I bought the bag of caramels placed strategically beside the shiny Fuji apples. Again, it’s fall and there are children that need to be fed (caramel apples).

Neither niece had ever had a caramel apple (don't start thinking deprivation thoughts...these kids know sugar). So they now think that all caramel apples come on chopsticks.

And finally, the newest issue of Cooking Light lured me back to the grocery store today to purchase everything I needed for four awesome meals this week. This was the first one. Macaroni and Cheese with Butternut Squash. For the record, Gruyere cheese is stinking expensive and really delicious. This turned out creamy, nutty, and totally autumn.

You can tell this is not a food blog because if it was, the photos would be way better.

My name is Erin and I am an Autumn sucker. But I don’t regret any of the choices above.

Be brave. Buy the pumpkins.

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