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Back in August of 2010 I began the three year adventure to Nurse Practitionerhood. I am extremely pleased to report to you that this morning, with a swift click of the ‘send’ button, I have completed my program. On time. Two weddings and a funeral did not halt the march toward this goal and I think Mom would be proud. Sure I cried, kicked, and screamed at times but for the most part my way was paved pretty wide and easy. My National Health Corps scholarship enabled me to decline some hefty loans and be a full time student and my husband has paid our way through the last year. Thank you, sir.  I got to volunteer, study in a rural clinic across the country, and take on extra clinical hours. And now I am so ready to report for work.

After I pass the board exam, get licensed, and move to FLORIDA.

A smidge to the east of here.

That’s right. We are adventuring back to the motherland. Well, my motherland anyway. It’s time to repay Uncle Sam with two years of service in a medically under served area. Although Hawaii is sorely under served, God in his sovereignty shut some doors here and flung open the doors in Florida. It took some attitude adjustment on my part to even begin the interview process but after visiting Florida with Roger and receiving a few job offers, we fell head over heels for the idea. I will be working in a fantastic community health center in Brevard County (AKA, the Space Coast, previous home of the space shuttle and me!). I was thrilled with their orientation program for new graduates and the team they have serving the Brevard area. We have extended family all over Florida and Roger has been day dreaming of boats, fishing, wildlife, and about ten different jobs that he is perfectly suited for. We couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure.

All that stands between me and earning my keep is one more (huge) exam. I like to think of this whole process like American Gladiator. I’ve done the pyramid, I did the hang tough stuff. I got through the snapback and the joust. Now it’s time for the gauntlet…it’s time to break through and conquer baby. Final season, final event. Just wish I had the awesome leotard because I think it would really help on exam day.

I might need this soundtrack for studying.

I hope you are living your own adventure today. God is good and he has exciting plans. If you need a leotard or a soundtrack to remind you, go get it.

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Type Bee in New Orleans

Well, I said it before and I’ll say it again. God Bless 1972. I’m on a plane leaving New Orleans heading for a week with best friend Shayla. I won’t be posting this until Monday but The National Health Service Corps just got done rocking my world by telling me for 48 hours that I will rock my community’s world. They told me with videos, speakers, government representatives, free stuff, one-on-one conversations with amazing clinicians and future clinicians, and, did I already say free stuff? There were approximately 200 future physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, nurse midwives, and physician assistants all corralled together in the brand new Hyatt Regency (that’s right, first person in that hotel bed. Nice.)New Orleans for the purpose of being completely encouraged, inspired, and pumped UP to be Primary Care Providers in a community that needs us most. I haven’t made up my mind about whether I am more inspired to be an awesome life-changer or more scared stiff about the amount of work I have to do between now and being that life-changer. Actually, I know that it is both. And I need it because I am a Bee. Let me explain.

I have never put much stock in the “Type A” vs “Type B” descriptions but if I gotta choose, call me a Bee. Bees need some scared stiff. One of the keynote speakers was a very inspiring, extremely talented, intimidatingly successful former scholar and he told us that perfect is not an option but a mandate. Likely Type A Response: “Oh, good, I knew it was worth it to memorize the cranial nerves when I was 12 years old.” Real-life Type B Response: “Oh crap.”

Now, there were many other speakers who told us to achieve balance in our lives now because this will carry over into our professional lives. They told us to spend time with our families and to keep up with friends. That sounds great, but let’s get real, I can do balance. I exercise. I hang with the family. My friends don’t ever forget what I look like. I need some scared stiff.

Case in point: I worked my tail off to get all assignments finished before I took off on my trip. Except for the one paper that I completely overlooked. Likely Type A Response: Cry a little and then immediately compose the paper without so much as a potty break. Type Bee is sitting on an airplane writing as much as she can without having the internet to research and giving up and writing a blog instead. Don’t worry, she will finish it tonight.

I learned many wondrous and challenging things this weekend. I learned that I can do clinical rotations in far-away rural or urban American places. I learned about new models of healthcare that got me legitimately excited and I learned about professional opportunities that all of a sudden seem much more achievable. I met dozens of fellow scholars who were equally excited and scared. And get this, TONS of them follow Jesus. I’m talking 6 out of 10 kind of statistics. It makes sense that so many kids wanting to serve the unreached would be doing it with a sense of divine calling. This is pure and undefiled religion to care for the widows and orphans in their distress…and now we are getting generously funded to do so. I think we all walked around with the same dazed look of stunned gratitude as we listened to the conference staff talk about the resources at our disposal. Thank you Jesus.

So, God has lifted my head. Joy is coming in the morning…though there are tears on the airplane as I long to share every conversation, every quirky New Orleans moment with my mama. But my eternal purposes are many. And I am eager to accomplish them.

Starting with this paper. Call me a worker Type Bee.

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