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Fair to Middlin’

Every once in a while Mom would bust out a Southern saying that we had never heard. She would say it nonchalantly and the kids would look at her quizzically at which point she would claim to have always used this saying (She also did this with children’s songs. Please ask Megan for her rendition of “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree” that I promise you we did not hear until high school). But I loved that Mom would put on her southern drawl for phrases like “haven’t seen her in a coon’s age”, “big for yer britches”, and “them’s fightin’ words”.

This week I’ve been thinking how so many things in this life become “podunk” when you think about being in heaven with “bigger fish to fry”. This is a list of all the things Mom doesn’t care about anymore:

-She doesn’t have to be careful about saying something that will hurt her friends’ feelings.
-She doesn’t have to bother with changing the radio station 19 times because there is nothing good on.
-Late-night television isn’t mildly funny and mostly gross and make her feel like a midnight prayer time is necessary before sleeping peacefully.
-She doesn’t have to smell a filthy mystery smell coming out of the refrigerator.
-One and a half glasses of wine don’t make her too fuzzy to do the productive things she meant to do in the evening.
-She doesn’t have to think about her body getting older every day.
-She doesn’t have to deliberate over social events and guilty feelings for non-attendance.
-Dirty jokes don’t make her laugh on the outside and cringe on the inside.
-She doesn’t lie awake with regrets.
-She doesn’t need to clean her apartment in order to think coherently.
-She doesn’t have to balance a checkbook or pay a credit card bill.
-Professors don’t bother her by attaching a minus mark to a perfectly good letter A.
-She doesn’t have to worry about boys and future marriage or nonmarriage.

OK, those last line items haven’t been on her list of worries for 30 solid years. So maybe you are wondering who this list is really about. Maybe me.

But seriously, I am bored with books I used to love because she is reading better ones…hearing better songs…writing better words…loving bigger…worshiping sweeter.

Don’t misunderstand me, life is “fair to middlin” but tonight, I am so jealous.

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Why Write

Today I started reading some other blogs on WordPress. I really enjoy the Freshly Pressed section  – new posts by clever writers that make me feel alternatively inferior and inspired.  This strange mix of motivation in fact prompted me to decide that if I am going to be writing a blog, I should aim to be recognized in the Freshly Pressed section. So, I began looking for a blogger like me. I began combing the archives to see if someone  unqualified was writing a blog. Of course, silly me, I found that there is a cornucopia of unprofessional writers out there (the professionals mostly write books I think). But most of the bloggers are traveling the world, chronicling athletic endeavors, have gardens, write recipes, offer step-by-step craft photos, or have “littles”. That last one I learned is blog-speak for children. None of those apply to a single nursing student in Hawaii. So, next I search “How to be freshly pressed.” In the space of 20 minutes, this has become an important achievement in my mind. What I find is that I need to be aware of my content and make it popular and original and unbiased. Ok, I can do that. I start crafting a really hilarious and unbiased blog entry in my head almost instantly. Oh, this will be good. I will be pressed so fresh.

And then I realize it is all wrong. It is not brave. It is not real. It is not me.

I started this blog to be brave and to encourage others to be brave. I wrote things down to read out loud to my mom on the weekends I spent with her at the Ala Moana hotel during radiation treatments. She and I needed encouragement for our wonderful fights. She is finished with hers and I am still at it. So I am going to keep writing to be brave which is not a popular “search” term. I am going to keep writing to point others to Jesus which is quite biased. I am going to keep encouraging YOU to fight wonderfully because we can do it. Along the way I hope to have gardens and try recipes, plan parties, paint pictures, and even have “littles” because those are all GOOD things! But they are by-products of a life well lived, looking to a mighty God for the strength to face each day.

Wishing you all a brave Sunday to begin a bold new week.

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