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So long Summer(reading).

Today I moved back to Kona. Finally. I’ve been packed and stored and in between places for long enough. I’m here and ready to settle in for some serious work, research, and who-knows-what-else. Although I have begun to hit the textbooks again, I have not quite relinquished my summer reading. During my two week vacation I read:

– The Confession: John Grisham’s newest. It’s quick, it’s suspenseful, it’s Grisham.

Circus Shoes: This is a children’s book by Noel Streatfeild written when children’s books were GOOD. And I have an original copy that looks nothing like the creepy cover on Amazon.

A Million Little Pieces: The semi-fictional book by James Frey or what I affectionately called my “F-word Book”. I tried to skim them but it was impossible.

Our Hearts were Young and Gay: written by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough in a time when the last word in the title didn’t make you raise an eyebrow at the fact that two women wrote the book together. It’s about a tour of Europe that two young friends take. One of the characters can’t find her way out of a paper bag and thinks the ship is sinking with every loud noise. So of course that character cracked me up. Because I crack me up. This has hit my top ten book list and I wanted to tell Mom about it so bad that I asked God to find her a copy.

– The Help by Kathryn Stockett. This is my current read. I don’t typically buy trendy books, especially if they have been made into movies. And extra-especially if Oprah has her O anywhere near the front cover. But, when I was in Daytona, best-friend Lindsey and I went to see The Help with my grandmom. It was a great film but my favorite part was the loud commentary from the 80-year-old woman who had help when she lived in Florida in the 1950s. That’s right, I got to interview my own white grandmother on her own black help once we left the theater. The film also inspired me to go ahead and grab the next glossy copy of the book that I saw and I have been immersed ever since. My favorite part of the movie is the fact that one of the black maids repeats to her boss’ chubby little white toddler: You is kind, you is smart, you is important. And the cutie says it right back in her Mississippi drawl. I have taken to repeating this to my dog Jasper. He is chubby too. And he needs affirmation.

Next on the list: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse, and The Huge Intimidating Book I Need to Finish in Order to Pass the Nursing Exam. I am setting up study camp in our garage apartment because for some reason I study better if I walk out the front door and go anywhere. If I crank down the air conditioner and brew a pot of strong coffee, it’s like Starbucks without the weird music.

I talked with another medical professional today about the upcoming semester, possible clinical rotations, future employment, and finances. And it was enough to make me want to go work on my tan again. What is making you want to run to the beach or hide under the covers in the air conditioner? Anything Big and Scary waiting for you this week? Or just boring and stressful?  We CAN do it! Because God is big and good. And also because…you is kind…you is smart…you is important. Jasper believes it so you should too.

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