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It Was a Good Day

As promised, an embarrassment of photos. You have my permission to scroll quickly. It’s just another wedding blog. But it was MY wedding. How crazy is that.

Mom’s dress from June thirty-one years ago. Perfect fit.

Last minute choices from a dainty array of heirlooms.

My something blue from Grandmomie Carol…little sapphire earrings.

I won’t devote the rest of my blogs to wedding reminiscing but I will say that I unashamedly reveled in the best day of my life.

We had a wonderful little cottage on the ranch to use for the ready and waiting spot.

One of my favorites with my favorite sisters.

Joining the marrieds.

They were the best bridesmaids I could have asked for. A twin sister, a little sister, a hair-dresser best friend that gave me any sense of style I may have today, a best friend from 1st grade, a pen-pal from middle school that turned into a real life best friend, and a missionary roommate that prayed me through nursing school.

I tried to enjoy every moment but at this point I was close to sprinting down the aisle.

One of my photographers had this fun idea. I think she’s good at what she does, what do you think? http://www.rebeccaarthursblog.com

The boys had some fun getting ready too. Please note the Aussie pose. Without fail.

had no idea how deliriously happy and exhilarated I would feel. It felt like a combination of winning a contest, taking a bow at the end of a Broadway musical, and having a surprise party thrown by all your best friends in your honor.

Papa Paul – the best man. Rog comes from a long line of handsome and good natured.

Sam and the final brother-in-law.

Australian-American Lesson #59: Boutonnieres are put on upside down. Both ways looks pretty good. Also, for the record, Mama Leanne is a former model and is positively stunning.

The Maid of Honor definitely found those yellow ties the day before the wedding. Lindsey saved the day about 500 times in one month. That’s like 16.6 times a day.

Saying yes to this guy was a breeze.

It was perfect. Sunny and misty.

We used one of Mom’s songs for the processional and Sara and Ryan sang some beautiful hymns during communion.

Sister Sara’s daughters were my flowergirls. Sometimes I stare at this photo and wonder how it is possible for kids to be this stinking cute.

Merry Married Mitsudas.

I know I should have expected my wedding to be great but I was surprised by the level of greatness. Seriously. Heaven celebrated with us. I’m not making that up.

Roger’s crates that we feminized. Also, can you believe those flowers? Those are thanks to Maid Of Honor’s Mama Linda.

Photographer Eric captured many of these images including this promise over our celebration. http://www.efrankevisuals.com

Worth. Every. Penny.

And this guy was the one who got me here. Had me, raised me, prayed me through the wait, paid me through the wedding, and remains the best dad I could ask for.

And this is the one I get to spend the rest of my days with. Happily Ever After.

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There’s been a few things going on like final exams and traveling far and wide but my favorite? Anything wedding. And last Sunday evening Megan and Sara gave me a bridal shower with lots of lovely ladies. A lawn party complete with croquette, hats, and iced tea in mason jars was turned into an inside soiree with the rain began dumping approximately 30 minutes prior to go time. The sisters flew into action, relegated me to downstairs, and transformed our upstairs into an indoor event that would have give Gatsby a run for his money.

Some of my favorites. They wore hats for me.

The modern lawn party look.

One of the stunning hosts. Good dress right?

The other gorgeous sister. Who finds time for everything. I don’t know how.

Pretty Alyssa.

The shower included a surprise visit from The Fiancee. We had to interview for a greencard. Can you see the nerves?

They showered me.

And they prayed for me. Which I LOVE.

And all of this because I get to marry THIS GUY!

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Vanquish the Normal

A brief word on when to be normal and when to not.

In nursing school and now in nurse practitioner school, it is emphasized to us, the eager and teachable students, that we must know the normal to identify the abnormal. We need to know what a normal sinus rhythm sounds like in a typical heart to identify the murmurs, the irregular beat, the extra sounds. I need to know the ranges of electrolytes to know that a potassium level of 1.0 is probably a pretty bad thing and I should look at a whole bunch of healthy ears so that a bulging membrane looks different from all the rest. We gotta know the norms to know the abnorms otherwise we could catch ourselves looking at a very sick patient with crazy blood tests, nodding and saying “Mmm hmm…looks good.”

In marriage, I have decided that I need to know the norms so that I can be anything but normal. Roger and I have received a veritable plethora of wise wedding words, kind counsel, and sometimes simply been on the confused receiving end of a knowing married nod in our direction. The last one is a move that seems to say either “Get ready, this is awesome” or “You think this is going to be awesome? I know better.” We haven’t quite figured out which one so we just nod back in engaged bliss. Amid all the suggestions and comments, we most appreciate the words that include a knowledge of God’s sovereignty and the uniqueness of each couple.

We know that there are struggles that all men and all women deal with but we are also determined to meet these struggles with our unique gifts and personalities. We are determined not to agree with the statement that “Women are just like that” and “Boys will be boys” when it is applied to a weakness that we want to improve. If it is referring to the way that women cry at inopportune times such as every day last week or the way that men enjoy shooting small to large rodents in the Kona area, then we agree.  Otherwise, we are determined to be abnormal.

Adam and Eve and their official punishments, along with males and females throughout history show us that there are similarities in men across the board and there are shared tendencies in women in general. But the rest of Scripture also points to our unique standing before God and the consistent call that we have to rise up, go forward, conquer, overcome. We are called to bravely do what is difficult. We are called to vanquish the normal.

So, know your norms…and then attack them. Push through them. We are called to abnormalcy and it is possible. And I see that nod. And I am nodding back in engaged bliss.




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Register…as what?

When Roger and I became engaged, we were very happy. I think we were happy for the same basic reasons: we had found the spouse of our dreams. We were going to start a life together. We were going to live together. Things like that. But I believe we also had some secondary reasons for bliss that were unique to each of us. I think Roger’s secondary reasons included visions of me in fishing waders reeling in a catch just like he taught me.


Or other similar camping scenarios. I’m cool with that. But the fourth or fifth thought that I had after engagement was, “We get to REGISTER.”

Now, I am not an extremely materialistic person and, believe it or not, I’m not a shopaholic either. I freeze up with too many choices (remember? Click here.) But for the past two years I have had a growing urge to set up house. I have set up a couple apartments but have always resisted making them TOO homey because I didn’t want to collect too much stuff. As it is, I have a storage unit half full of stuff that I found at garage sales and on the side of the road. Hey, they still work with a coat of paint. I used to tell my friends that I was going to register for grown-up household goods for my 30th birthday. I’m not sure if I was joking so I am SO glad I don’t have to follow through with that. Roger’s response to the whole registry business was classic.

“We have to register? As what?”

After explaining that we did not have to go on an American Master List of Engaged Couples, I asked if the registry was a thing in Australia. Apparently it is. And that is when I realized that there will be things that I assume “aren’t Australian traditions” when in actuality, it’s just not a Roger tradition. It will be fun through the years to see how this unfolds. This reminds me of the famous Entree Conversation.


Roger: Girl that I’ve only dated a week and want to impress, Brent wants to have us over to eat some fish he caught.
Erin: Okay, man that I am so nervous around that I can’t quite look in the face yet, is there enough fish for four?
Roger: Well, we can eat the fish as an entree and something else for the main dish.
Erin: Now I can look you in the face because you said something very silly. Entrees ARE main dishes.
Roger: No, girl that I am still trying to impress, you are being silly. “Entree” means “to enter”, it is the starter.
Erin: In my family, we settle this kind of thing with a dictionary.
Roger: Yikes.
Erin: “Entree: Definition #1 Main course to a meal.” Something smug.
Roger: Ok, is there a definition #2?
Erin: Oh. Yes. “In a fancy meal, entree is an appetizer or starter.”
Roger: (Smiles devastatingly handsome smirk)
Erin: But it was definition number TWO.
Roger: Yes, in the American Heritage Dictionary.
(Dispute settled.)

Now that we have been engaged for three weeks, we are older and wiser and don’t have knowy-pants disputes like that anymore. No, really.

So last night we walked the aisles of Target with a Powerful Ray Gun.  And Roger decided he does like registering. He only had a few brief Boy Moments in which he used outer-space voices and aimed the gun at several unpurchasable humans but I chalked that up to male nerves and reassured myself with the fact that at least he wasn’t running in circles bonking his head and yelling like younger versions of his gender do when confronted with something completely new and slightly overwhelming. Like linens. Plus, he’s fun and I started the Ray Gun game anyway.

We are having a small wedding in Waimea. The registry is not the most important thing. The important thing is that I am marrying the best human I have ever met and if he knew everything about dinner settings and thread counts, I would be worried. Thank you Jesus for a man with patience and an excellent sense of humor. He’ll need it with a knowy-pants like me.

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To Make a Short Story Long

I think of myself as an average 29-year-old who has waited a little longer than average to meet the man of her dreams and fall in love. But nothing makes one feel quite so fascinating as when blog-reading friends make multiple requests for a blog-posting. I’m pretty much the most interesting girl in the world. If you were just being polite, thanks anyway and too bad because here’s the story. You asked for it.

It’s really quite short. But I will make it long. The one sentence version is at the very end so skim if you are in a hurry.

Roger Moves to Kona: Roger is an Aussie. He moved to Kona in November to work with Water For Life and to meet me. But he only knew the first part when he packed his bags.

 Roger Meets Me: Our mutual and wonderful friend, Dr. Andrew West, had talked to both of us about our respective cool factors and was fairly convinced that we were a perfect match. Even though I was unavailable and Roger was Australian. No offense, Continent, I just always figured I would marry intra-America. So we met and that was all. “See you around hot Pastor’s daughter.” “Catch ya later hot guy that Andrew works with.” Except we didn’t say that out loud.

Dr. Andrew West of Discovery Channel and Living Stones Church fame.

Roger Finally Uses the Phone Number He Asked for Awkwardly: Roger was in possession of my Facebook friendship, my e-mail address, and my telephone number for two weeks before asking me to lunch, which I will admit, I was not used to. For reasons that became obvious later, God had told him to wait. And I had told myself a lot of creative reasons for the two week silence. But I’ll keep those a secret. The important part is, we did have our magical Hayashi’s lunch date on January 21st.

Highly recommended.

Roger Sweeps Me off My Feet: It only took a few days before we were quite literally crazy about one another. I kept trying to figure out when the weird nervous feelings would go away. My family smiled smug smiles. Still are actually. We talked about life and goals and values and all of those important things. But over-arching all of the commonalities and attractive qualities, was the general sense of “Finally, it’s you.” Mom always told me it would feel like coming home. Yep.


Roger Proposes: Six weeks after we began dating, Roger took me to Baptism Bay where we had spent our first afternoon together. He had several sneaky stories for why we needed to go there and, sorry Rog, I did not buy a single one. But it was a valiant effort and I pretended beautifully. Until I saw the table with flowers and dinner set out in a garden by the beach. And then I began to cry un-beautifully until he asked me to stop so that he could propose. I did and he asked and I said yes. And then began snotty crying again. After a tearful and fun dinner, we headed home where Sara and Megan had arranged a surprise engagement party with forty or so people. The perfect night.


Roger Remains Awesome: We have been engaged for almost three weeks and, after hyperventilating for 72-ish hours, I can now say that I am settling into the life of a full-time fiancee. Roger encourages me in every way – school, wedding, life.

A Word on Wedding Planning to Close:I started out the wedding process wondering what the big deal was. We are having a small wedding in Waimea. We already have a venue, a guest list, my dress, a photographer, and a caterer. All well within a budget.

But, then I skimmed some wedding blogs.

I DO NOT know how people remain engaged for longer than six months. And no, not just because of The Body Boundaries One Does Not Cross. Because of the Wedding Blogs. They are herniating, terrifying, inspiring, and nauseating all at the same time. If you are a Wedding Blogger, please, for the sake of every bride including yourself, STOP. I am going back to pre-Pinterest days when one did not know how every married female in the whole world decorated her tables. I hereby ban the blogs. So that I have time to brush my teeth.

Thank goodness it will only last three months. That’s right, the wedding is in June. Some of you are sighing in romance and others of you are shaking your head and telling me to slow the heck down. And the rest of you are skimming to get to the end. The important thing to me is that I get married to the man God has given me and that I am the wife I am meant to be for him.

The wedding is one day – one awesome party with friends and family to celebrate answered prayers and the start of something incredible. We want to show, share, and love Jesus better because we are married. And that will fill up a whole lot more days of bravely doing married life. So stay tuned.

(As promised, the one sentence version: Roger came to my church and asked me to lunch and we fell in love so he proposed six weeks later and we are getting maaaaaarried.)

Check out the next post for more engagement photos...by the talented Eric Franke.

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