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I’m in the homestretch. Thank you for every form of encouragement that has come my way in the past two days. I must have worried a few people with my last post. I’m doing okay, folks…make-up intact, hopes high, and in the homestretch of this academic adventure of a year.

It doesn’t seem like long ago that I got a voicemail calmly congratulating me on being accepted into the University of Hawaii’s Masters Entry Program into Nursing. I very uncalmly called my mom to tell her I knew exactly what God wanted me to do for the next three years and I couldn’t say it without crying. Of course. I had to walk back into a Biology lab all happy and snotty.

And today I had my last lecture with my great little cohort of future Advance Nurses and current world-changers.

These 28 people are pretty amazing

In three weeks we will all go our separate graduate class ways. My way will lead me back to Kona for six months.


What is it about this tropical little town of Kailua-Kona that calls for periods in the wrong places in my sentences? Well, let me share.

Photo by Eric Franke. Check out more Kona shots and other amazing work at his website. http://www.efrankevisuals.com

The Top Ten Reasons I.Can’t.Wait. for Kona

1. To share a room with my sister again…complete with sundeck, garden, and room AC. Yes.

2. To do all of the things my four-year-old niece lists on the voicemails she leaves me…”when you come back from Wahoo, we can color and play and eat candy and bake cookies and watch movies and go to the park and eat hot dogs and pizza”…basically we will eat.

3. To go on twin dates (with my twin. Not dates that are exactly alike)

4. To stop downloading sermons and hear Dad for real.

5. To see faces I’ve known for more than half my life. Including the bank tellers that hug me, the grocery store clerks that ask about the church barbeque, and the one lady at Costco who always remembers my name.

6. To go to the drive-through Starbucks.

7. To have a porky little terrier named Jasper follow me everywhere.

8. To come home from church and fill up the couches with people, put on a DVD, and do a crossword puzzle.

9. To go to the Kona Brew Pub (best beer and ranch dressing you’ll ever find) , Jackie Rey’s (I seriously feel like an important person there), Peaberry and Galette (click gallery, featured artists, scroll almost to the bottom. But the crepes are also good), and  Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.(all those good looking people in the ads are my friends and family. No really. Go look.)

10. To work and play in the place my family calls home. Together.

You can come home to Kona too, if you want. I will share Living Stones Church with you and the drive-through Starbucks, maybe even park days with my nieces. But the porky terrier probably won’t follow you. Sorry.

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