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Back in August of 2010 I began the three year adventure to Nurse Practitionerhood. I am extremely pleased to report to you that this morning, with a swift click of the ‘send’ button, I have completed my program. On time. Two weddings and a funeral did not halt the march toward this goal and I think Mom would be proud. Sure I cried, kicked, and screamed at times but for the most part my way was paved pretty wide and easy. My National Health Corps scholarship enabled me to decline some hefty loans and be a full time student and my husband has paid our way through the last year. Thank you, sir.  I got to volunteer, study in a rural clinic across the country, and take on extra clinical hours. And now I am so ready to report for work.

After I pass the board exam, get licensed, and move to FLORIDA.

A smidge to the east of here.

That’s right. We are adventuring back to the motherland. Well, my motherland anyway. It’s time to repay Uncle Sam with two years of service in a medically under served area. Although Hawaii is sorely under served, God in his sovereignty shut some doors here and flung open the doors in Florida. It took some attitude adjustment on my part to even begin the interview process but after visiting Florida with Roger and receiving a few job offers, we fell head over heels for the idea. I will be working in a fantastic community health center in Brevard County (AKA, the Space Coast, previous home of the space shuttle and me!). I was thrilled with their orientation program for new graduates and the team they have serving the Brevard area. We have extended family all over Florida and Roger has been day dreaming of boats, fishing, wildlife, and about ten different jobs that he is perfectly suited for. We couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure.

All that stands between me and earning my keep is one more (huge) exam. I like to think of this whole process like American Gladiator. I’ve done the pyramid, I did the hang tough stuff. I got through the snapback and the joust. Now it’s time for the gauntlet…it’s time to break through and conquer baby. Final season, final event. Just wish I had the awesome leotard because I think it would really help on exam day.

I might need this soundtrack for studying.

I hope you are living your own adventure today. God is good and he has exciting plans. If you need a leotard or a soundtrack to remind you, go get it.

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Zip Zip

On Monday, Daddy Bill turned 56. Yep, the patriarch is another year wiser. Now, one of my mom’s many talents as you will recall was making every holiday a BIG deal. She also had the talent of being the only person I knew that could get Dad to follow a plan he didn’t make. Put those two missing pieces together, and you have a Dad who thinks he is getting away scot-free on his big day.

Lucky him though – he’s got devious daughters. Little sister master-minded the Great Birthday Adventure. And the twins aided and abetted. We told him we had a surprise for him and to be ready to leave by 8:00 am. In his patriarchal way, he was 95% convinced that he would think better of our plan. But when he heard the words Zip and Line he was all about it.  Yes, 9 “zips”, 4 suspension bridges, and 2 free rappels are just the ticket for feeling younger than 56.

Of course we couldn't send him alone....

Dad and brother-in-law Ryan agreed that it was a pretty great birthday plan.

Intent on the directions.

We had our doubts since I inherited my fear of balconies and tall ladders from this guy. But his love for adventure wins out over irrational fear any day. Plus, Kohala Zipline is crazy safe.

56 ain't got nothing on him.

This smile says “I will always listen to and trust my daughters when they lead me into a blind surprise.” Ok, maybe not. But definitely this time.

True to family form, we will be celebrating Dad all week so if you have a shout out for Daddy Bill, post it. Zip Zip.

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